Full service product development - from idea to product

Everything from a single workshop - engineering service, prototyping and small series production.

We have competence of solving problems in every step of the product development cycle, from idea to setting up full scale manufacturing.


We engineer devices by constructing and drawing the nodes and details, using calculations to determine the safety coefficients. Protolab offers full-blown professional engineering service to solve your problems. If needed, we can call in additional experts from various engineering and design fields. Protolab team has experience with CAD/CAM software, creating custom parts using combination of milling and lathing, and developing complex assemblies, and provide training on various product development technologies.


We develop visual and functional prototypes using 3D-printing, milling and lathing. We also offer various finishing tehniques like silkscreening and anodizing via our partners. Just ask.


  • Technologies - high-precision complex milling and lathing. Sheet metal processing and precision mechanical engineering.
  • Materials - titanium, steel, aluminum and copper alloys, plastics.
  • Quantities - from single sample to large batches.
  • Technology - wide selection of equipment from simple lathes and mills to complex multi-axis CNC processing centres.

Batch production

We design and manufacture tooling, jigs and fixtures required to save resources in development process. If required we can also work out the technological process required to develop your product or part and can assist on developing programs to drive CNC machines.

Tõnis Liivamägi

Tõnis Liivamägi, CEO, LCDVF OÜ

Working together with Protolab has allowed us to realize multiple product development ideas. We value the ability of Protolab to think with us, offer optimal solutions while not sacrificing their excellent quality rate and the most importantly - really quick reaction time - it sometimes happens that the final version of demo product drawings are finished just twelve hours before the plane to demo event leaves. Therefore besides the high competence of Protolab engineers and their state-of-the-art machines we really value the flexibility of Protolab services.

Mattias Lepp

Mattias Lepp, Founder, Click & Grow OÜ

Every beginning is difficult! It is really hard for a starting company to find supporters to their ideas. Click & Grow found their support from Protolab. This is a team that takes on a challenge and gives their best to realize even the craziest idea.